About Us


Brandywine Metrology Associates, Inc. is an independent 3rd party source for precision dimensional evaluations.

With an extensive 30+ years of knowledge base and some of the most advanced CMM equipment and software in the industry, BMA provides its clients with a complete and value added combination of reverse engineering and measurement services. 

In an ever demanding and competitive global market, BMA assists manufacturing and research based organizations in developing a superior product and gaining a competitive edge through the use of time proven metrology practices. 

BMA was established in order to supply industry with an affordable and dependable means by which to obtain the necessary dimensional data to prove a products quality and viability.

Whether it be a smaller up and coming company who's budget does not allow for the overhead and expense of in house metrology equipment and staff, to those that require an impartial 3rd party source to decrease inspection back logs, solve conflicting internal dimensional evaluations, or to simply validate vendor supplied data reports.  

BMA will work as a trusted partner and consultant to help achieve your business goals.

Welcome to BMA’s website and please review our complete list of services.